Our Story

It was in the late 80’s when Mr Spyros Bouboukas became fascinated by the beauty of Drymonas. He bought “Varanga Hill” with a dream to live there forever with his family. At that time he was the only person who saw that the place had potential for great development. In his heart, the desire to make the most of this paradise blossomed. He envisioned building a restaurant with a swimming pool for his son, Vangelis, who was a young up-and-coming chef.
It took 20 years for his dream to take shape through the new owners who were enchanted by the landscape, impressed by the original design and gave it new life.

In the summer of 2020, Amente opened its gates revealing an unknown fairytale place that made an impression. It was described from the outset as the most attractive place for its exceptional location, dazzling views, wonderful atmosphere and unique amenities.

Since then it has been loved for its delicious and quality food, imaginative and special cocktails, fast and friendly service, quality and personalized amenities.
Atmospheric lighting, stone, wood, glass, iron, modern designs and special lines make up the unique aesthetics of the space.
Special experience include the live performances of Greek and foreign artists who melodically dress the wonderful evenings with the sounds of violin, saxophone, piano, harp, cello, clarinet.
The dreamy sunsets and the inviting atmosphere of the place are the ideal setting for unforgettable wedding proposals and special personal moments. Happy faces with smiles of happiness as well as natural elements of earth, water and sky, carry their own energy. Indulge your senses and live a unique experience of relaxation, fun and culinary delight that will be forever engraved in your heart.
wine list
Accompany your meal with fine wines selected from all over Greece and abroad. More than 80 labels with wines from Greek vineyards – internationally recognized, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), native and emerging varieties – and quality wines from distant countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Chile, USA, New Zealand.