Our Story

‭In the late 1980’s,  Mr. Spyros Bouboukas discovered the majestic, breathtaking beauty of the village Drymonas and its surrounding hillsides. He became so enthralled by what he saw there, he purchased property on Varanga Hill, with a dream of creating a legacy of this special place for his family. Mr. Bouboukas was the only person at that time to
see the potential for great development of Varanga Hill. Out of his passion for this paradise that nestled deep in his heart, he envisioned a spectacular restaurant with a beautiful pool so that guests could also come and experience the magic of this place.


Amente opened its gates for the first time in 2020 and has already been described as a ‘must visit’ destination in Lefkada due to its great location, dazzling views, amazing atmosphere and unique facilities. The quality of the delicious, world class cuisine and imaginative specialty cocktails and unparalleled attention to detail of the service and staff, Amente is truly a unique experience unmatched anywhere on the island.

This summer of 2021, Amente will once again provide its guests with
unforgettable dining and event experiences with appearances by Greek and other foreign artists who perform soothing violin, saxophone, cello and clarinet music with the most incredibly dramatic sunsets of Amente as their backdrop.