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From afar you can see that we are a castle in the sky, up close we are a boat that takes you thru the Ionian Sea. Our impressive pool is an extension of the stunning blues of the sea. The sun sets at two points at the same time, offering one of the best sunsets that you have ever seen. You can enjoy your meal next to, and above the water in the specially designed areas we refer to as “our islands”. As well as on our upper terrace which offers privacy and a unique view of our entire space and the horizon.

We offer three distinct levels with different design and seating in our bar area. Here you can relax with your coffee early and enjoy good music and specialty cocktails as night falls and the horizon remains bright. The energy of our space is uniquely complemented by exceptional artists who enthrall your senses, with their unique melodies of saxophone, cello, violin, clarinet and piano. Stay informed about each new event in our upcoming calendar that will offer information on our summer moments and allow you to make your reservations in advance.

One-of-a-kind lighting, stone, wood, glass and iron enhance the venue and bring out our modern design and special lines. They all work together to compose the unique aesthetics of our space. 

Happy faces and smiles of happiness, earth, water and sky, transfer their own energy. 

You live, ‘Amente’ with all of your senses!

Amente Events
Amente Events


Varagas, Drimonas 


Tel: 6977461415